Why do we set homework?

At Ash Hill Academy we view homework as a learning entitlement. Homework should consist of meaningful and worthwhile tasks or projects designed to extend the learning of the student outside the classroom and to:

  • Extend and support classwork
  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding
  • Extend and support every child’s learning
  • Develop the skills of an Independent Learner
  • Develop Deep Learners rather than Surface Learners
  • Allow students to gain and practise skills/knowledge required in assessment situations (e.g. exams)
  • Develop skills and attributes (e.g. resilience, investigation)
  • Develop abilities in time management and organisation essential in life

How and where should homework be recorded?

  • In the student planner
  • When the homework/coursework is due in
  • So management of time can be planned.
  • Note on the deadline date that there is homework/coursework due in
  • Students and parents/carers to review the planner each evening
  • Ensure that students meet each deadline for the following day

What sort of work is set?

Meaningful, interesting and worthwhile work. It supports development of the specific course and also qualities, skills and attributes required at Ash Hill Academy. It might consist of:

  • Short tasks
  • Longer projects or coursework.

How much homework is set?

The amount of homework set will depend on the subject, year group and nature of the work:

  • Short tasks – such as MyMaths homework – approximately half an hour
  • Longer projects or coursework - possibly several hours each week

How long will students get to complete the work?

Deadlines vary depending on subject, year group and nature of the work:

  • Short tasks may be within one week
  • Longer projects or coursework may be spread over a half term

What if a student fails to complete homework?

Missed homework deadlines will start a chain of events. At first, the teacher that set the homework may issue a short extension at their discretion. This should not be taken as a favour, and students must complete the homework by the new deadline. Students should also be aware that an extension is not guaranteed. More likely, consequences will be put in place for the student, following the Consequences System.

When a student struggles to complete homework for different reasons, be it lack of equipment or family issues, staff need to be made aware of this as soon as possible so that appropriate support can be offered. No student should feel that they simply cannot complete homework.