BBC School Report


BBC News School Report gives 11-16 year-old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. This year, Ash Hill students have been taking part and below are a selection of their news articles for your reading pleasure and also for download.

The have worked really hard and enjoyed the challenge and experience of being journalists for the day. Thanks to Nathan, our Media student as well as Megan and Lauren for taking the photographs that accompany the reports.


Boris Finally Admits He Wants To be Prime Minister.

Mayor Boris Johnson finally admits he wants to “have a crack” at being Tory leader and even if it comes, Prime Minister. Despite saying this he still feels adamant that it won’t happen "it's not going to happen."

In an up-coming documentary Boris said that he feels the job of Prime Minister would be   “very, very tough”. This might be one of the reasons the mayor of London is reluctant to take the place.

Despite the matter being brought up numerous times, in Westminster as him being the head of the party he still remains certain that he will see out his position as mayor of London until Mayor until 2016.

In the makings of a documentary for the BBC Boris’s sister said “As Boris was growing up whenever anyone asked him what he wanted to be, he would answer: ‘World King’.  She also said he was ambitious from a young age to become leader of Britain. She also showed the way he felt superiority over his old school mate David Cameron. 

Boris said in a speech Obviously, if the ball came loose from the back of a scrum - which it won't - it would be a great, great thing to have a crack at. But it's not going to happen," Although he seems keen to have a go at Prime Minister he’s still certain that he won’t get a crack at it.

Boris’s fame shot up at the 2012 Olympic Games but the questions on his longer term political goals have previously been dodged, by the Boris. When last asked about the matter he said “I’ve got as much chance of becoming prime minister than, being decapitated by a Frisbee”.

Cameron the current Prime Minister has previously laughed off the comments of Boris taking his place but with another general election coming up, Cameron’s leadership is under pressure with the new popularity of Boris.

Overall even though Boris has said he wants to become Prime Minister, I think he has made it quite clear the position of him as Prime Minister won’t be happening any time soon.

By: James, Stephen & Callum.


News reaches Girls Aloud fans that after a decade, one of the greatest girl groups in the UK have finally come to decision to split and go their separate ways. The news was announced on twitter; the girls tweeted the devastating news on their newsfeed reading:

 “Dear Alouders, we just want to say from the bottom of our hearts Thank you!! This tour has been an amazing experience and the perfect chance to say thank you for being on this journey with us through a decade.”

“It has far exceeded any of our dreams and we hope we are forever your inspiration and reminder that dreams really do glitter!!

“Your love and support will stay with us forever but we have now come to the end of our incredible time together. Love you lots.”

The girls posted the tweet at 5:07 on 20th March 2013.

The girl group includes five talented members - Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts. Over the years the girls have fetched their amazing talents to our eyes.

Earlier we spoke to the public about how much they’ll be missed! One fan said that she was “devastated! I have been to all the tour concerts in the UK for the past 10 years. My favourite member is Cheryl; she’s such a charmer and a cherished member to the group. I am heartbroken about the girls split but it will be nice to see what they will do when they go their separate ways”.

Another fan we spoke to said “I have a lot of memories about the girls and where they began, I am upset that the girls have decided to do this as I am a dedicated fan to the Girls Aloud group. I have a lot of respect for the girls and the choices they have made. My favourite member is Kimberley Walsh as she is a Yorkshire lass.

By Lydia and Laura.

Doncaster Amateur Boxer

Doncaster amateur boxer Jake Goodwin talks about his latest fights and his upcoming matches in the January championships. The young runner up in the Yorkshire championships had a very tough bout with another young boxer from the same gym ‘Doncaster Plant ABC’. They both get along with each other but when they both entered the ring it was no holds bar as one came away with a broken nose and the other a broken rib.

The young boxer recently had an interview with the BBC school report and quoted that he wants to hopefully make it as a pro and go to the Rio Olympics in 2016. The boxing junior was previously the Yorkshire champion until January 2013 when he became the runner up. Despite this fact, Jake still believes he can make it as a pro and go the distance into a professional boxing career.

The teenage fighter first started boxing at the age of ten, when he fell in love with the sport .He trained his hardest and fought his greatest. He’s had the love and support of his family and friends all through his armature boxing career. He’s always aspired to make his Olympic dream come true and he aims to do so in 2016.

Jake is currently unfit due to his previous bout where he picked up a severe injury and is now working to get fit again for the 2014 January junior championships. He aims to win the title back next year and move on in his boxing career.                                                                                                          “I want to follow Floyd Mayweathers footsteps,” said the young boxer and his family will be there with him every step of the way.

By Danny and Jack

This is us!

‘This is us.’ One Direction’s new film, which will be released in August 2013. The film is produced by Simon Cowell and directed by the star of the documentary, Super-Size me by Morgan Spurlock.

Many fans were thinking it would have been called 1D3D. But taken by surprise, they came up with the title ‘This is us.’ The film will be access all areas. Niall Horan even said ‘…they were even filming in the toilet.’ This will help us look behind the fame and see what the boy’s lives are really like. The teenage heart throbs are stealing the stage once again.

No one knows what to expect. It could change opinions everywhere.  No doubt it’s going to be an epic success, selling out all over the world. Book your tickets quick girls!!

by Kelsey and Chanice


Twitter is seven years old today. The first tweet was by the creator Jack Dorsey saying "just setting up my twttr" this was tweeted at 12:50 pm (PST). Twitter was first called ‘status’ until the group of people looked up in a dictionary and found the perfect word for it ‘Twitter’. Jack Dorsey created this for short messaging in groups. Twitter was created in California in the USA. Twitter has over 500 million users and 300 million active users.

 First we interviewed Mr Bacon, a teacher at our school and he says he doesn’t “get twitter” and doesn’t think it’s “useful”. He also added he prefers to use Facebook over twitter and he goes on it once a week.

Then we interviewed Mrs Mitchell another teacher at our school and she said twitter was “good. She also added the only reason she goes on twitter is to see what her daughter gets up to on a weekend as she tweets more then she posts on Facebook.

Instead of getting in touch with family and friends, twitter can also be used to look at the news to see what is happening round the world and some people use twitter to see what celebrities do in their spare time and lots of other things too….

By Kyle

Sheffield’s golden girl Jessica Ennis cries out for Don Valley Stadium not to be closed.

The training ground of the Olympic athlete Jessica Ennis is soon to be closed. Jessica Ennis has spoken of her shock and sadness at the decision to close Sheffield’s Don Valley Stadium in September.

The Olympic heptathlon champion admitted she felt let down and questioned where youngsters in the city will now go to be inspired by track and field. Jessica Ennis has trained at Don Valley stadium since she was 10.

Jessica Ennis was distraught. Ennis, who was named Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year in Rio de Janeiro, said “I was shocked. It’s going to be really sad to loose Don Valley because it’s such an iconic stadium. It’s partly why I got involved in athletics because I had that track there and it’s special to step into a stadium like that when you’re a young child”.

Jessica Ennis was inspired by the stadium to become an athlete that is why she is heartbroken about the announced closure of the Don Valley stadium.

“The government should have provided more funds” said John Windle previous board member at Don Valley Stadium.

By Kyle

Racism in Football

Racism in football has been going on for quite some time now. It happens all around the world but some people think that the punishment for racism in football is not ‘harsh’ enough.

It happens rarely in football but when it does it is spoken about for a while. Either because of who the player is or the punishment that the person got for what he/she did. Players such as Suarez were given a £40,000 fine after racially abusing Patrice Evra in October 2011. This has happened too many times throughout the years and many feel the punishment has not been harsh enough.  We asked our P.E. teacher Mr Hildrith and he said: ‘’I think that racism should be kicked out from football completely and I think it is stupid that people do it on live TV in front of millions of people.’’  

Racism in football is mainly caused by people resorting to dirty tactics and then it escalates into players arguing and then they saying ‘n***er’ to one another. Fans sometimes do racist with chants or celebrations because they feel the need to get involved with the footballers. We asked our other P.E. teacher Mr Bullock ``It is ridiculous because why would people get paid so much and then they have to get rid of £40,000  of their earnings because of saying one word and get a 4-6 game ban because of their mouth and it is not really right’’.  

By, Billy and Scott.

Internet: Is it taking over our lives?

Students at Ash Hill Academy are interviewed on how much they rely on the internet.

People all around the world are addicted to the internet. No matter where you go you will always see someone on a phone or a computer searching or social networking. The internet only became popular in 1995; the same time when Windows was created. A few of reasons why it became popular was because it was free and easier access than books.

Students in the school gave us quotes like; Ben: “I would rather stay inside with the internet because then I can have privacy”. Because the internet is so addictive people don’t go out as much as they used to because they would rather stay inside on the internet. One of the most worrying things about the internet is that it is making students grades drop as it Sophie tells us in her quote “I spend all day on the internet even when the lesson gets boring”. Some people just don’t realise that the internet is ruining lives people just can’t be without it. Leon: “I couldn’t live without the internet life would be too boring”.

Based on the answers that we got from these students show us that we rely on the internet for communication between people. So the internet will be around for a longer amount of time. Try to imagine a world without the internet; people would be outside and getting good grades because they would be listening in lesson instead of being distracted by messages.

By Skye