16th December 2016

BrightBus Service – January 2017

BrightBus, the company that operates the school service that our students access, have informed us that as from January 2017 their services are being renumbered. The morning service has been renumbered to 555 for Ash Hill students. The afternoon services, 556 and 555 will be combined, and also renumbered to 555 for Ash Hill students.

Below are the timings for the services – PLEASE NOTE the bus will stop at all stops along the route, if required.

555 – Morning Service

Thorne, Kirton Lane/Pennine Road               07.55

Stainforth, Kirton Lane/Mayfield Avenue      07.57

Stainforth, Field Road/The Fox Inn                08.02

Hatfield, Ash Hill Road/Ash Hill Academy    08.13


555 – Afternoon Service


Ash Hill Academy                   Arrive              14.25

                                                Depart             14.45


Stainforth, Church Road/Kingsway                14.54


Stainforth, Princess Avenue/Long Grove                   14.58


Thorne, Kirton Lane/Ashfield Avenue                      15.05


The cost for students using the above services are 80p.