27th November 2017

Ash Hill Academy Celebrated Their Best Results in History!

During the evening of Tuesday 21st November, Ash Hill Academy opened its doors wide, to welcome back the ‘Class of 2017.’ Principal, John Higgins, proudly congratulated the first year group in his charge, who had begun a very significant improvement trend in academic standards, since joining the Delta academies network.  Ash Hill Academy is now in the top 10% of most improved schools nationally in terms of Progress 8 scores and the top 17% for Basics.

A substantial number of students attended and thoroughly enjoyed the evening as they received their individual certificates and celebrated their outstanding success.  Parents and carers were similarly in good attendance and commented on what a wonderful occasion it had been.  Guests were entertained throughout the evening by Bethany, a current year 11 student, who performed three perfectly executed songs.

The guest Alumni speaker for the evening, a former Hatfield High pupil, proved to be equally entertaining.  Jon Whiteley, Deputy Chief Executive at Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust (DCLT), was photographed presenting examination certificates to all the individual students and delivered a short speech on his life experiences.  Jon stated to those present that: “Former students who have grown up in the same community and attended the same school can show the huge success that can be achieved by Ash Hill Academy students.”  Jon leads a chain of sports and leisure centres that operate across the whole of the Doncaster area, which is now expanding to include restaurants and pubs.  He is a regular visitor to Ash Hill Academy, through his links with Future First and encourages students to recognise the strong links between passing examinations and securing employment. 

Ash Hill Academy are working with Future First a national education charity that actively supports Academies in extending their Alumni networks to be involved in wider opportunities.  This information has been regularly promoted in The Thorne Times and Doncaster Free Press as well Delta’s ‘The Link’ and Ash Hill Academy’s own newsletter.  Our expanding Alumni, supported by Future First will also help to inspire and advise the class of 2018 at Ash Hill Academy.