6th September 2017

During the afternoon of Wednesday 6th September 2017, Post 16 students at Ash Hill Academy took part in Team Building activities delivered by the British Army Engagement Team. The whole session was planned as part of the Post 16 Induction process and the academy’s Enrichment program, which each give our sixth formers access to new information regarding career progression.

The Army team delivered three separate “Command Tasks” to the students, who had been split down into groups of 11 students each.

Task 1: The Tyre Stack
A fast paced logic and relay task for teams. A set of five numbered tyres are stacked on one cone on the left of three cones, with tyre 5 on the bottom and tyre 1 on the top. The team’s aim was to move all 5 tyres from the left cone to the right cone via the middle cone. But there were some rules: 

  1. A higher number couldn’t be put on a lower number
  2. Only one tyre could be moved at a time 
  3. Tyres must be placed over a cone when moved 

The task was run as a relay race, with one team member running to move a tyre at a time. The task was timed – fastest team won.

Task 2: Minefield Recovery

A large circle was cordoned off, at least 3m wide. A rucksack was placed in the middle of the cordoned-off ‘Minefield’, and students were given a long length of rope (at least twice the width of the circle). The team’s aim was to remove the rucksack from inside the circle, without it or the rope touching the floor. Nothing could touch the floor inside the circle, as anything that did would set off the ‘minefield’, and kill the team. The task was timed – fastest team won. 

Task 3: The Short Bridge
Students were presented with three wooden islands, two smaller set either side of one larger island, and given two planks - which were too short to bridge the gap between. The team’s aim was to get the whole team across from island to island, without touching the ground. This meant a great deal of communication, balance, and overall teamwork was needed to succeed. If at any point either the planks, or a person touched the ground between the islands, the whole team had to restart from the beginning. The task was timed – fastest team won. 

The three teams did fantastically well, especially as these ‘Command Tasks’ (not to mention some of their colleagues) were completely new to them!

From all of the Ash Hill Academy Post 16 students and staff, we would like to wish great thanks to the British Army Engagement Team for their support and delivery of the day’s activities, and look forward to working with them again soon.