19th July 2017

After what seemed a very mixed day weather-wise, the results for the Ash Hill Academy Sports Day 2017 are finally in!

So, without further ado…

Overall College Competition Winners

1st Place -  Porter college with 335 points


2nd Anderson college with 316 points

3rd Harper college with 287 points

4th Forster college with 190 points


Year 7: Porter [97] Harper [86] Anderson [69] Forster [50]

Year 8: Anderson [81] Forster [74] Porter [63] Harper [60]

Year 9: Porter [115] Harper [80] Anderson [66] Forster [31]

Year 10: Anderson [100] Harper [61] Porter [60] Forster [35]

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students who took part, cheered on, or otherwise supported the day’s events, as well as all the staff who facilitated the vast array of different activities.