Ash Hill Careers Day

Wednesday 23rd January saw Ash Hill students in Years 7 to 10 engage in a whole day of directed careers education, giving opportunities for students to consider what options are available now, and what the labour market will look like over the next 20 years in Doncaster.

Year 7 students took part in a range of lesson based activities, allowing them to research their own career ideas and to find out what grades and education will be needed for them to progress to the next level.  There were also activities in which they looked at famous celebrities and tried to find out how they got into their careers.  People like Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones were 2 of many people studied. 

Year 8 looked to break down career stereotypes and also look at the change in Gender stereotypes across careers.  They also engaged in examining Fake news and how it can affect the student’s aspirations within certain career groups.  The students also engaged in using KUDOS software to examine likes and dislikes and try to come up with career choices which they may not have examined.

Year 9 students – were treated to an opportunity to consider STEM careers and a company called EDT (First Edition) came into school and allowed all students the opportunity to engage in 3 practical making competitions. The students were placed in teams of 5 students and challenged to make a Trebuchet and a self-powered vehicle along with a mini challenge.

Along with this activity all Year 9 students were given the opportunity to speak to Alumni of Ash Hill Academy about their careers and consider that staying in Doncaster may not be the only option available. Future First talked about the skills needed to make an impact in the world of work, for example, the soft skills needed.  One of the ex-students talked about her career up to now as a dancer and her work with Disney at Disneyworld and the salaries that can be expected.

Year 10

Year 10 and Post-16 students were given a unique opportunity to have a ‘Mock Interview’. A company called Ahead Partnership organised 15 local employers, business people and HR representatives to come in to school and give every student in the two year groups the opportunity to talk about themselves on a 1:1 basis for 20 minutes. On seeing the students queueing up prior to their meeting, it was obvious that there was some trepidation and fear of the interview.  Speaking to the students afterwards it was clear that this chance to have a mock interview took away some fears that students may have about the interview process.

The Year 10 students were also visited by a team of staff from Doncaster Chamber of commerce talking about LMI (Labour Market Information) in which a whole host of activities were laid on by this team of 7 staff using Quiz Dom, LMI bingo and other interactive presentations.

Year 10 also saw a selected group of students visit Leeds University to embark on a scheme called ‘Brilliant club’. The 10 students went via coach and were introduced to their PhD mentor who is going to come into school on 8 visits and work with the students in assisting them to create a 2000 word essay to help them graduate their course at Sheffield University.  We are so excited to see what this course will lead to.

Overall the day went very well all students took away some more information about the careers process and tried to put them in command of their own destiny. All students were fully engaged and were extremely polite to our guests.  Several comments from our visitors emphasised the fact that all students had been exemplary and had portrayed Ash Hill students in a very positive light.

Well done to all students & many thanks to all our visitors.


K.Downing, T.Hodson & H. Green

Careers Education team

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