Last week Ash Hill Academy held it’s second Career Day of the year with students in Y7-10 involved in a variety of careers related activities.

Y7 students participated The Tyre Challenge enterprise day by MYPATH, who create careers education and coaching resources. In an all day challenge, students work collaboratively on a group project in order to recycle used tyres. At the end of the day students present their ideas which finishes with students voting for their winning group and idea.

Y8 students started the morning with a presentation from HEPP (Higher Education Progression Partnership) who spoke to students about choices and pathways via higher education at through university. Students also used the IT suites in the academy to register with Start Profile; a software in which students can explore the world of work, consider their study choices as well develop their CV writing skills and preparing for an interview. Now registered, students will continue to use Start Profile moving forward in the academy as well as at home. Finally, students attended “Careers Question Time” hosted by Mr Morris (Head of History). Students had the opportunity to ask members of the workplace a whole series of questions including about a day in their life, what qualifications they needed, what they love about their job and their journey into their career. Taking part in “Careers Question Time” we had Agemaspark Ltd from Kirk Sandall, VolkerRail Ltd Doncaster, Doncaster Council and Club Doncaster Foundation which included our former student Emily.

Year 9 students also registered with Start Profile which means students can use the software at home or in the academy moving forward. However to start the day students explored gender stereotypes (and other stereotypes) that exist when considering jobs and careers for the future and breaking them down. Students can aspire to train towards and achieve any career-related goal in the future regardless of their gender, background or age. Year 9 careers participation was capped off by a presentation from HeppSY (Higher Education Progression Partnership South Yorkshire). Students learned about careers in Sport and the pathways students can follow via higher education through a local and excellent university like Sheffield Hallam University.

Year 10 students began the day learning about the Labour Market and the areas of growth in South Yorkshire, in particular the recent developments in Doncaster and the future developments that due to be completed and yet to begin, and the future careers that such developments will bring. This includes the continued expansion of Robin Hood Airport, the creation of Great Yorkshire Way and the iPort, Herten Triangle at Lakeside, Tyram Lakes Hotel Resort and Spa and the PGA European Tour development at Rossington Hall.

Year 10 students were also involved in the “Careers Speed Dating” activity in which educational providers were on the clock to present their provision to every Y10 student. Visiting the academy and involved in this activity were New College Doncaster, Club Doncaster Sports College, Engage Training, Doncaster College University Centre, National College for Advanced Transport and Infrastructure and Doncaster UTC.