Ash Hill Academy National Poetry Day 2021 Winners!

Massive congratulations to Mr Bullock and students of 8LBU on being awarded as this year’s Ash Hill Academy National Poetry Day winners!

National Poetry Day took place on 7th October 2021 this year and the theme was Choice. National Poetry Day is the annual mass celebration that encourages all to enjoy, discover and share poetry.

8LBU along with Mr Bullock put their heads together and worked hard to produce a poem focusing on the qualities of each season. Ultimately this poem highlights making the choice of our favourite season can be a challenging one!

Selecting 8LBU was no mean feat! There were many beautifully and creatively written poems submitted from Y7-Y10 tutor groups and we would like to say a massive well done to all tutor groups for participating.

Below you can find “Choice – Time of the Year” written by 8LBU.

Well done Mr Bullock and 8LBU students.