Attendance Competition Update

Ash Hill continues to push for excellent attendance

Whether it is the first week of term or the last, attendance remains an extremely high priority at Ash Hill Academy. Ensuring that all students have the access to an amazing education continues to be a cornerstone of our beliefs and, as such, the promotion and rewarding of excellent attendance forms a significant part of our mantra at the school.

We have not been resting on our laurels at Ash Hill in the run up to Christmas; to get in the festive spirit we ran daily live prize draws for each year group at lunchtime. Students joined right in with the excitement and soon we had large crowds surrounding the draws, which saw students win a range of prizes from Celebration tubs to "Love to Shop’’ vouchers and even Nando’s gift cards. Students who made the effort each day of the last week were all put in the prize draw and given the chance to win.

That was not all for the Christmas attendance giveaway however, with over 250 pounds' worth of shopping vouchers and 100 pounds' worth of uniform given away by Mr Higgins in the last week of term to reward students who had made every effort to ensure their attendance had been phenomenal over the previous 4 months.

A key part of promoting good attendance is in the preparation, however, so the attendance team haven’t been sitting on their hands. We have 3 different competitions running this first half term. Firstly our ‘Weekly Wednesday’ draw that will take place for each year group at lunchtime to give a midweek boost to our students who fight to get over middle of the week. Secondly, we have our first week back competition. This means the form with the best attendance in the school over the first week will be given a week’s worth of ‘Q-Jump’ vouchers, meaning no queueing for dinner for 5 days!! Finally we have our usual form attendance termly competition, where forms battle it out to be top form in each year group and win double break and a free cake.

Our aim at the Academy is ensure that our attendance far exceeds national average and, by working together with parents, the Local Authority and other agencies, we hope to achieve this in this academic term. We have had a fantastic start to the Spring term and we hope to build on this momentum moving forwards.