DN7 Pledges

The key to a more fulfilling academic life at Ash Hill Academy.

What are the DN7?

The DN7 are a selection of ‘pledges’ that Ash Hill students can strive to achieve across the academic year. The DN7 are a series of targets that every student can aim to achieve in their time at Ash Hill. Each Pledge brings an Ash Hill Academy student closer to becoming a better-rounded individual and will take dedication, hard work and perseverance to achieve.

The can be found in the student planner, where students can use the ‘pledges page’ to monitor their progress on achieving the DN7 pledges. As the students achieve their pledges they can have them signed off by their form tutor as a recognition of their completion.

What are the different DN7 pledges and how can they be achieved?

Gain over 2 praise points per week on average by Easter.

Praise points are an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to your learning. Gain over 2 per week on average to get this DN7.

Maintain over 95% Attendance over 2 academic terms.

Everything links to attendance! Ensure you have at least 95% attendance over 3 terms to gain this DN7

GCSE pod / Hegarty homework completed and recorded in planner.

Students who complete Hegarty tasks and GCSE Pod assignments are more likely to succeed academically. Make sure you complete them to achieve this DN7.

Attend bespoke curriculum support sessions/ detentions/ meetings as requested.

Bespoke curriculum support sessions and 1 2 1’s are in place to help you achieve, make sure you attend all sessions requested to get this DN7.

Be on time for school at least 97% of the time.

Every second missed of your school day will affect your outcomes at the end of Y11. Punctuality is the key to success and ensuring you maintain 97% punctuality over the year will mean you get this DN7.

The majority of Effort grades on the report card are above a 3, with no effort grades below a 3 on the report card.

Every report card should show no less than a 3 (satisfactory) as your effort grade to allow you to achieve this DN7.

Contribution to the academy!

Shined a light on the academy in a positive way? Gone over and above for Ash Hill? This DN7 will be decided on a case by case basis and will be awarded solely by the Principal. Examples include things such as; Environmental input (recycling initiatives started by students for instance), representing the academy on a regional or national stage or making a lasting impact to the academy's running.

 What are the benefits?

They are all important attributes that will help students succeed in the future. The value of good attendance, effort and time keeping are all key skills that all employers look for and embedding them now is vital for a successful future career. It will enable students to see the academic benefit that fully committing to education will bring. Students will also know that they are contributing to the academy and ensuring that Ash Hill is at its best.

Y11 completion of the DN7 will be linked to their ability to attend the prom. They will need at least 3 DN7s to attend the prom at the end of the year, so they need to make sure they start ticking them off as soon as they can!

Y7-10 will be linked to the rewards trip. If any student (subject to academic requirements i.e completion of coursework) completes the DN7 they will be invited on the 100% trip to Lightwater valley in July at the end of the year!