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Course Description

Drama is a mode of emotional expression that is usually represented in theatrical performances. The word originated from the Greek vocabulary which means action, which in turn, was derived from the words, ‘to do’.
The inclusion of drama as part of a pupil’s learning has several significant reasons. One reason why drama is important is because it hones a pupil’s ability to respond to new and unexpected circumstances. It allows a pupil to be spontaneous and make amends for any sudden upsurge of events. Another reason why drama is important is because it helps explore thoughts, feelings and emotions. It also focuses on communication and understanding yourself and others.

Drama creates a safe atmosphere for expression of what a person thinks and feels. Adding to that, drama is important because it brings out the real self of a person through how experiences affect the person. More so, drama builds confidence, develops interpersonal skills and allows pupils to learn from the real-life drama that each person experiences.

Drama profoundly influences a person’s life and is deemed to play a significant role in dealing with real life issues and concerns.