Student Expectations - Protocols for Remote Learning

General Protocols:

  • The live lessons provided are for the invited AHA students only – no other children or adults
  • Video or photo capture of the lessons are strictly forbidden by students or parents/guardian.

When joining a live lesson via Microsoft Teams please ensure the following:

  • You join promptly – registers will be taken at the start of each lesson, contact home will be made for absent students
  • Your camera is turned on and you have blurred your background
  • Your microphone is off – please only turn on your mic when requested by the teacher.
  • You have a pen and something to write on
  • You have your planner to use planner colours for tasks
  • You have opened any files or resources shared by the teacher

During the lesson please ensure the following:

  • You keep your camera on with your background blurred
  • You keep your mic off unless asked to respond by the teacher
  • The chat function is only for communication with the teacher
  • You respond promptly when asked to do so by the teacher this could be –
    o Show a planner colour to your camera
    o Write something in the chat
    o Turn your mic on a speak to the class
    o Show a piece of written work to the camera
    o Completing a task set through Onenote or Forms

At the end of the lesson please ensure the following:

  • You are aware of any follow up tasks that the teacher has set and how to submit these
  • You leave the lesson once the teacher says that it is ok to do so
  • You have completed any tasks set during the lesson through One not


We have high expectations of students’ conduct whilst on Teams and it is expected that behaviour should mirror that which we expect whilst they are in the Academy.

  • Any inappropriate or disruptive behaviour or repeated breaches of the guidance set out above will result in students being removed from their live lesson.
  • Teaching staff will use the ‘Conduct’ system whilst teaching live over Teams and any sanctions that are given to students will be completed once students return to the Academy building.

Parent Expectations - Protocols for Remote Learning

  • We expect all parent to ensure their child is attending remote learning in the same way we would expect students to attend face to face learning
  • Parents should set clear routines that follow the normal academy day and the homework activities.