Ash Hill Academy has invested in GCSEPod, the award-winning digital content and revision provider used by over 1,000 schools worldwide. Last year Ash Hill watched over 43,000 ‘Pods’ to support our learning this equates to an extra 501 school days of home and independent learning in all year groups.

GCSEPod is used both in lessons to consolidate learning and at home to prepare for learning. Using  GCSEPod the school supports the most recent metacognitive research for  interleaving, retrieval practice and spaced learning.

Regular assignments will be set in Science, Geography, History and English Literature. Students will be directed to Pods or multiple choice questions to best support them with their work. Although the long term reward is better outcomes for each and every one of our pupils we incentivize good participation through the regular reward assemblies and prizes. Watch out for the news of the Pod Games and fantastic prizes for those students who complete the most work on GCSEPod.

As part of the school extracurricular activities we have the library open every night after school 2:30 – 3:30 for all pupils to use and have internet access.

Please take the time to read the documents and watch the videos on how to best support your son/daughter on how to use this fabulous resource.

Please contact the academy if you require any further information on GCSEPod.

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