Girls In Mathematics Event

A group of girls from Years 9 and 10 were invited to spend the day at Sheffield Hallam University as part of the “Girls in Mathematics” scheme, which is part of the HEPPSY+ link that we have established. Jaden Brooke Johnson-Frost, Bethany Bower, Emily Brooksbank, Jasmin Coucom, Sophie Ellingham, Brooke-Ashleigh Frost, Nikola Labowicz, Maddison Parry, Abigail Sanderson, Martyna Siwek, Helayna Spence, Brodie Whelan and Destiny Wilmot were all chosen to represent Ash Hill Academy and spent the day with 7 other schools from Rotherham, Sheffield and Doncaster.

When we arrived the students got involved in the first of the day’s activities which was cryptography and understanding the maths behind security algorithms.  They then looked at how the Pandemic virus spread and the maths behind the transmission of viruses.  The mathematics was challenging as would be expected in a university setting, but the students really were up for the challenge.  The students were then given a whistle-stop tour around the Owen Street Campus before heading back for lunch.  The final part of the day was a lecture given by a Doctor of Mathematics, Dr Aoife Hunt, who went on to talk about her interesting career as a consultant specialising in the movement of people and how she was pipped to the post to be the presenter of countdown when Carol Vorderman left. She went on to inspire these young women about careers in mathematics, proving that they are not being quite as dull as they might expect, and giving real life examples of her job working for Glastonbury, Wembley, the Olympics Games, to name but a few.  She also shared details of how mathematicians plan escape routes for buildings and map the logistics.

The day gave the girls a great insight into the many aspects of how mathematics impacts our everyday lives and inspired our students about the prospects of going to University.