New Principal - Mr Brooke

Ash Hill Academy Welcomes Mr R Brooke

28th May 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

I am delighted to introduce myself as the new Principal of Ash Hill Academy.  I will be taking the post from Monday 7th June 2021.  I would like to assure you all that I will maintain the high expectations and aspirations of all our students at Ash Hill Academy.  We are looking forward to exciting times as we prepare for the final half term.  There will be a number of opportunities and experiences planned for your child, dependant on the current COVID restrictions being lifted on the 21st June 2021.

In the meantime, I would like to share with you some important information and to reiterate the expectations we have for all our students.


Important information

After half term, students have been informed that their lessons may have been relocated and the timings of the day amended.  Below is a summary of when we expect each year to arrive and to which location. 

  • Year 7 arrive at 08:15 - Porter, 2nd Floor
  • Year 8 arrive at 08:25 - Porter 1st Floor
  • Year 9 arrive at 08:25 - DV Lower
  • Year 10 arrive at 08:15 - DV Upper


Academy Uniform 

Ensuring students are in the correct uniform is an integral and compulsory part of the Academy expectations.  

All students must arrive at the Academy wearing Delta Uniform.  Shoes must be plain black and polishable with no embellishments, bows, or badges.  Please note that no adjustments will be made to girls’ shoes in order to cover embellishments, in particular the ‘Vivienne Westwood’ style shoes.  Jewellery, any piercings and smart watches, including Fitbits, are not permitted.  Any make up worn by students should be very discreet, eyelashes and eyebrows should be natural.

May I remind parents/carers that we have arranged for SPT Uniforms to be in the Academy to run ‘Pop Up Shop’ on Tuesday 3rd August, 10.30 am – 3.00 pm.   All uniform must be purchased from SPT uniforms incorporating the Delta logo. 

If you require any financial assistance in purchasing this uniform, please contact the Finance Office at the Academy. Uniform can be purchased online via 


Face Masks  

A decision on the wearing on face masks will depend on government guidance, local public health advice and infection rates in the area.  As it currently stands, students are required to wear masks when transferring around the Academy from lesson to lesson and in communal areas.  If students are sat down or are outside, they are not required to wear a face mask at this present time.



Students must have their planners every day.  This is the ‘passport to learning’ and will be checked by the Senior Leadership Team as they enter the Academy.  A detention will be issued if a student does not have their planner.   Graffiti on planners is not acceptable, if defaced, the planner will be confiscated, a detention will be issued and a new planner must be purchased.


We expect all students to attend the Academy each day unless there is a valid and justified reason.  Students must attend to achieve and every lesson matters.  

Students should arrive at the Academy at their allocated times:  Please note these times and entry / learning locations may have changed. Please ensure that your child arrives no more than 10 minutes before to avoid crowding.

If your child is absent from the Academy, please telephone every day on 01302 562541 option 1 or email to to give a reason for absence.  Staff are available to take calls from 7.30 am onwards; however, we do have an answering machine service out of the Academy hours from 3.30 pm until 7.30 am. Alternatively, as you are already aware, contact can be made via the School Gateway App.   You must register your email address with the Academy in the first instance.  Further details from

We ask where possible to make any appointments including medical, after Academy hours.  We appreciate that this may not always be possible. With that in mind, we would suggest if any appointments are to be made, could they please be made towards the end of the Academy day. This would ensure that your child misses the minimum amount of valuable learning from their lesson. Students must sign out at student reception and follow the Academy procedures. The Academy cannot authorise all day absences for medical/doctor’s appointments.



Students are expected to be in their first lesson as listed above. If students arrive after this time, then they will be issued with a detention.  If your child has a medical appointment at the start of the day, please ask for an appointment card.  If no card is produced when a student arrives, a detention will be issued.


Academy Holiday and Term dates

Please find attached a revised copy of the holiday and term dates for the forthcoming academic year.  Holidays taken during term time will not be authorised.  If you do take a holiday during term time, we will formally request the Local Authority to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice.


School Gateway App

Our main form of communication between the Academy and home is email as we move towards a paperless system.  Your child’s progress, achievements and successes will be communicated in this way.  You must register your email address with the Academy.  Please download the School Gateway app to your chosen devise from the App Store or visit This is a free communication system.

Finally, I would also like to thank Mr Moffatt for his service to Ash Hill Academy and wish him every success in his new headship within the Trust.

We wish you a happy and restful half term and look forward to seeing all students back in the Academy on Monday 7th June 2021.

Yours sincerely, 

Mr R Brooke


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