Another amazing Ash Hill Careers Day!

Floods of Career information in Ash Hill, rather than the real floods outside

The first careers day of the year took place today allowing all students from Y7 to Y11 to focus on thinking about themselves and their possible career paths.

During our careers days, all staff members step out of their subject area and become careers advisors for the day.

Walking around the school today there was a tangible buzz from the students as they took part in the wide array of activities on offer.  We were also delighted to welcome a number of parents and carers to the academy to take a look at what we do and also to deliver information sessions to the students. 

The activities for Year 7 students ranged from learning about job opportunities to creating an enterprise project where they worked as a team to create a range of jazzy jotters; a product for sale.  The students worked together, buying in any resources and equipment, for example, if they needed a stapler they would have to buy out of their budget.

All Year 8 students were challenged by a company called Inspirational Learning, who delivered a competition offered by a company wanting to recycle and upcycle its redundant products into something new.

The winning team would have the chance to compete in a central venue against 300 other schools in a bid to win the contract and the opportunity for the company to retail the design.  All Year 8 students had to work in teams of 6 to come up with a product design and a marketing plan along with catchy logos.  The team were then judged by My Higgins, Mr Hirst and Mr Downing, along with a representative from Inspirational Learning.  The winning team were a group of girls who formed an ingenious plan to make dog bowls.  [More information to follow.]

Year 9 used an exciting piece of software called Start Profile ( to investigate career pathways and plan their futures. All students and parents have access to this package and enables individuals to look for career options based upon information provided such as hobbies, skills, interests etc. Further information will be sent out to parents and carers very soon.

Year 10 & 11 students took part in ‘Careers Speed Dating’. We were very fortunate to be able to welcome several Higher Education providers, Further Education institutions and a local businessmen who has built up his own business - Red Tomato - as well as one of our parents who volunteered to talk to the students about his route into Engineering.  These volunteers talked for around 10 minutes and gave the students the opportunity to ask questions about their career or the establishment they were talking about.  Our thanks go to all those colleagues who gave up their time freely to give some fantastic advice.

Throughout the morning we were delighted to welcome several members of our Parent Partnership Group into the academy to take a look around the activities taking place around school. We are extremely grateful for their support and would welcome other parents and carers to join our Parent Partnership Group and help to shape the future of our school.

At the end of the day the Careers team were awarded a Partnership plaque from Inspirational Learning to demonstrate our commitment to the Careers programme and the work that is continually being done to assist the students' careers knowledge.