Ash Hill continues to create essential PPE

As we get ready to clap our heroes again today, Kevin Downing has continued to manufacture a huge amount  of essential safety visors, having made around 500 to-date.

This vital equipment has helped to safeguard a significant number of key workers in the following helathcare providers:

352 – Doncaster Ambulance Service– distribution to Care homes, ambulance crews in Doncaster and some to Leeds.

35 – Hatfield Care Home.

5 - Hatfield pharmacy.

2 – Hatfield local medical practice.

20 – Goole Hospital.

12 – Dentist in Goole.

30 – Rotherham Hospice and care system.

25 – Medical practice in Rotherham.

10 – Nursing staff.

491 Visors manufactured and delivered.

We are extremely proud of the work that Kevin and Year 10 student Chelsea Owen have done!