Ash Hill lockdown competition continues!

Our lockdown competition continues, with the chance to win an iPad or shopping vouchers for completing Hegarty Maths, GCSEPod and Language Nut. 

Please note that task must be completed in order to be entered for the competition - we will check!


Every Monday, we will select the top 3 students across the Academy for Hegarty Maths, GCSEPod Science, GCSEPod History, GCSEPod Geography and Language Nut.  These 3 weekly winners, from each subject, will receive tickets for the end of year prize draw.

1st place - 3 tickets

2nd place - 2 tickets

3rd place - 1 ticket

At the end of the year, all tickets will be placed into a draw to win some fantastic prizes.  These include two ipads, two £50 and two £25 Asda vouchers.

Weekly winners will be anounced on the website on Monday evening.