Ash Hill marine workshops

We were delighted that John Lupton from Marine Engineering Pathway returned to Ash Hill Academy to work with all our Y7 students and delivered the Buoyancy Workshop.

John, a former engineer in the RAF, opened his workshop informing our students about the Sea Cadets and the benefits of being apart of this youth organisation. John then introduced the term STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and described the huge shortage of skilled men and women in this country in STEM careers, specifically in marine engineering. At Ash Hill Academy, we are working hard to provide our students with many opportunities to develop their STEM skills in workshops, educational visits, career days and at our STEAM School after school club.

John then taught our students, through many visual demonstrations, why large boats can carry tonnes of cargo and made many links to the science curriculum such as forces, materials and density.

In the main activity, students were challenged to make a boat that would float and hold as many glass marbles as they could, with paper, foil and tape. John was super impressed, with many groups managing to build boats with 300+ marbles before they sank. That’s about 1.5kg of glass – about 300 times the boats own weight! 

To conclude the workshops, John was able to hold a Q&A with varying questions regarding his 30-year career. 

John had a fantastic time working with our Y7 students and had the following comments regarding out students’ efforts. “Thanks to all at Ash Hill for their support during the delivery of the MEP Workshops last week.” John added “Once again the work ethos of the pupils was excellent, all worked hard and designed and built boats that we were able to test.”

We look forward to seeing John in the summer term as he will return to work with our Y8 students on all things SUBMARINES.