Ash Hill's science detectives save the day!

There has been a murder in the science department and students used forensic techniques to identify the guilty suspect - and all the teachers from the science department were suspects!

Mr Holtby led the session of Science Club in which students used chromatography to identify the pen used to write a note left to the victim and universal indicator to identify the poison found in the lemonade that was used to commit the murder. Students then had to bribe the science technician for the temperature of the body when it was found; to do this they had to answer questions related to the atomic structure of elements from the periodic table. This information helped our students work out what time the murder was committed.

All this information, along with CCTV footage of the suspects during the day, led to students identifying Mr Leonard as the guilty suspect.

Fantastic effort from our students in their relentless detective work!

Science club returns after half term with a Bonfire Night themed session.