Ash Hill student wins regional Prince's Trust award!

Kierra Haver - Educational Achiever of the Year 

Kierra Haver has been recognised as the "Educational Achiever of the Year" in the Yorkshire and Humber region in the recent annual Prince's Trust awards. Kierra's fantastic work in the Prince's Trust Achieve programme has also resulted in a nomination for the national award in the same category!

Speaking about winning the award, Kierra said: "Taking part in the Prince’s Trust Achieve programme has been the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  

I started misbehaving when I left primary school. I found it hard to make friends so I’d do silly things in class so that people would like me. A few of us even had competitions to see who could get in trouble the most, so I found myself in detention a lot and was often grounded.  

I knew I had gotten in with the wrong crowd so, when I started Year 9, I decided I wanted to work harder and make people proud of me. That’s when I heard about Achieve.  

I remember being nervous before I started because I didn’t know what it was going to be like and, to be honest, I had lost all confidence in myself by that time. But before I knew it, everything changed. It was as if a switch flicked and suddenly I enjoyed learning again. I stopped misbehaving and getting detentions, which made everyone happy – especially Mum!  

The teacher, Mrs Swainston, was amazing. She helped to build my confidence and I learnt communications skills and about teamwork and finance. We went on a trip to the National Coal Mining Museum and went behind the scenes at Tesco. My confidence just grew and grew.  

I’m flying with my grades and I’ve found that people like me for who I am. I don’t need to try to be someone I’m not.  

When I finish school, I want to train to become a doctor, because I want to help people."

Kierra's story was recently published in the press - the link is below - and we will keep you updated with her nomination for the national award.