Ash Hill students are Brilliant!

A group of thirteen Year 10 students from Ash Hill Academy have been selected to take part in a project called “The Brilliant Club”.  The students took part today in a launch trip to Nottingham University today,in which they met with their PhD tutor and students from a number of other Academies.  The PhD tutor will work with the students and help them to create a 2,500 word essay based around the title “Authenticity and Historical films – The Prisoner of war experience”. 

The Brilliant club is a way to allow students to look at University as a possible career route and opens up lots of different ways for these students to plan their own development path. 

Whilst at University today the students started out in the “Great Hall” in which they sat in the hallowed place where Albert Einstein, Gandhi and a whole host of other famous people had delivered lectures.  The students felt very humbled when they realised the place they were sat had also hosted these amazing people.

The students then had a lesson with their tutor - Kelsey Power - who is a world leading educational light in her field of expertise. She is going to guide the students through the academic process of research into the given research topic.

The students were also taken on a guided walk around the campus by a student ambassador who talked through the joys of being a student and the benefits of going to a University.  We were guided to look around the Student Union, one of the 24hr Libraries on site and the student halls of residence.

One of our students commented that she ”had no idea that University was like this" and she now definitely wants now to go University and study somewhere like Nottingham.

Overall a fantastic launch to a project that will culminate in 5 visits from Kelsey, teaching the students about writing a thesis and finally a Graduation ceremony where parents will be invited to come with us back to another University to receive Cap and Gown and Certificate.

Watch this space for further updates!!!!!