Ash Hill students participate in motivation masterclass

“Motivation?  How do you give students strategies to succeed?"

 Kevin Mincher – Unstoppable Teen

This was a theme from yesterday’s visit from a world-renowned Motivational Coach who travels the world with the goal of empowering a million young people.  Up to date Kevin Mincher has worked with in excess of 400,000 young people and over 250 schools (now over 251!) For the past 21 Years Kevin has enthused young people with well proven strategies to give students the ability to realise their goals and dreams and get the best out of their education.  Kevin talked about his time as a professional football player and the celebrity friends he has around the world and his links to Doncaster, being born and brought up in Edlington.  It was wonderful to be able to see Kevin at Ash Hill Academy talking to all our students from Y7 to Y11. He has given all students a glimpse into what they can do to improve their grades with simple strategies

He has some fabulous resources, tips, guides, podcasts on his website which parents and carers have free access to by going to registering and reading. 

Guidance is available on supporting children through GCSE exams and providing young people with the best possible chances in life; please visit his website and get some really useful tips.

Please also feel free to download, from the school website, Kevin’s Mincher’s “21 Effective Study Skills” guide, which he has provided free of charge.

Over the course of this year I will also be sending out further links to information and guides which you may find useful - Mr K Downing