Ash Hill students plan their future

Today was another excellent experience, with some superb work taking place all around school with an adventurous timetable of activities planned in every year group. We were delighted to welcome over 20 visitors to the school, who helped to deliver a wide range of activities to students in Year 7 to 10.

Year 7

Year 7 students had 3 separate STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) activities provided by EDT, who visited us for the fourth time this year. The students made several different products competing for an overall prize of an MP3 dock.  We were very grateful that the staff made journeys from Glasgow and Cheshire to run the project.

Another group of Year 7 students were involved with Learning by Design, building an electronic buggy and learning about renewable forms of energy.

All Year 7 students then had a look around an exhibit by Kuka of robotic arms, which explained how they are used in industry and medicine. The students were able to get up close to the machines and have a go at using the machine.

Year 8

Year 8 students took part in a number of careers-based learning lessons, which were aimed at developing a ‘can do’ attitude, how to choose a career, challenging assumptions, as well as researching and evaluating opportunities.

Year 9

Students in Year 9 had the chance to go onto the HEPPSY bus again and were taught by 3 Graduate Intern (students who have finished their degree and are taking a gap year before going to study their Phd.)

The downstairs of the bus is set up as a classroom, with the upstairs set up with 20 Laptops that the students can use to research Higher Education.

Year 9 students were also privileged to meet 5 ex-students (Alumni) who had volunteered their time to come and talk to the students about their careers and educational routes. One of the alumni had travelled from Surrey where he has been a Professor at a University, and wanted to come and give an insight into his career pathway.

Year 10

Y10 students were given the opportunity to come face to face with the winner of BBC1’s Young Apprentice of the Year winner 2015 – Ashleigh Porter. She came in and talked about her time with Alan Sugar and her winning prize of £25,000, to be used to start up her own business. Ashleigh talked to the students about her experiences and opportunities coming from a school in Barnsley (very similar to Ash Hill),setting about going to work at 13 and now having a successful career.

The students were then informed about the costs of Higher and Further education with a talk given by our linked HEPA (Higher Education Partner Advisor) from Sheffield University, Sonia Hardwick alongside a colleague from Doncaster Chamber of Business, who helped to dispel some myths about University. This was alongside a packed timetable of activities helping our students to develop an understanding of a wide variety of career pathways.

My thanks go to all staff who came in and gave up their time to help raise aspirations, expectations and goals of our students.

Well done to all students who were fantastic and conducted themselves extremely well throughout the day.


July 9th 2019