Ash Hill Year 10 update

9th June 2020

Dear Year 10 Pupils, Parents & Carers,

Ash Hill Academy - Partial Reopening, Year 10

Good news! It’s finally time to welcome back our Year 10 pupils to Ash Hill Academy for some face-to-face teaching starting at some point after 17th June. There will be lots to communicate over the next week as we plan in detail how to do this safely and ensure that the remaining time before the summer has the most positive impact on student learning. The guidance is changing constantly so nothing is set in stone. There will be lots of questions you need answering in order to help you decide whether it is safe to attend the academy, I am going to start by giving you some general information regarding how we will operate.

How will you teach safely?

Pupils will be taught in ‘bubbles’ of not more than 8 pupils and will have two lessons, taught by two different teachers, each lesson lasting two hours. Following government guidance AHA can only invite 25% of the year group in at any one time. We plan to invite three groups into the academy on Monday and Tuesday and two groups on Thursday and Friday per week. The emergency childcare hub will be in a separate part of the academy with a separate entrance and toilet facilities. All students will continue to receive online work.

What will you teach?

The time we have for each pupil is limited and it is possible that with all of the rules in place we may only see students for 6 days before the summer. It is essential that home learning continues so as to ensure that students do not fall behind and continue to make positive progress with their studies.

During these two days each pupil will have a combination of core and option subjects as reflects their individual needs.

What about the school day?

We will be asking pupils to come into school for two days every week, this may be reviewed as numbers of year 10 students attending changes. Groups will arrive at 8:30am, 8:45am and 9:00am and finish at 1:15pm, 1:30pm and 1:45pm. Before pupils enter the academy we will take their temperature using a contactless digital thermometer, and then they will go in and wash their hands. We will ask them to wash their hands before and after break as well. If a pupil is unwell, they must stay at home - now is not the time to be brave and struggle on!

Who comes in when?

Once I know who is coming back I will create personalised timetables and send them to you outlining which dates you should come into school and at what time. When you arrive, you will be allocated to a ‘bubble’ which you will stay with, the ‘bubble’ will be housed in the same location. No other ‘bubbles’ will share your classroom.

What about transport?

If you drop your child off or pick them up, you must remain in your car at all times. Parents can no longer access the school site for any other reason. We recommend that pupils walk or cycle to school if you cannot bring them by car. If they have to use the bus they must wear a facemask during their journey and adhere to government guidance.

What are bubbles?

A bubble is the term used to describe a group of pupils who will be kept separate from others. Each bubble has its own teaching room. In each bubble there are eight numbered places marked out at a minimum of 2 metres apart. Each place is on a separate table. Each table has its own equipment. No one will share. The bubbles are also equipped with hand sanitizer and wipes as well as a radio to call for a first aider or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


Our cleaning team have changed their working hours since we closed so that we have cleaning staff on site throughout the school day. This means that toilets and sinks are frequently washed, as are frequent touch points such as door handles and stair rails. When pupils go to break the touch points, desks and seats will be cleaned again. Once your child leaves the academy after their two days of teaching no one else will use that room or that place for five days.


We will not be asking pupils to wear school uniform in order to ensure that clothes can be washed as soon as pupils get home. They are expected to dress modestly – no crop tops, ripped jeans etc and I do not want them to wear jewellery or false nails. Pupils should not bring a bag as everything will be provided. Pupils are also advised to tie back long hair. Mobile phones must not be used, heard or seen – they are not permitted.


Pupils will be closely supervised to ensure health and safety guidelines are followed and social distancing is observed.   We know pupils find this the hardest part, especially with their friends. However, it is essential that social distancing is observed at all times and I will withdraw the invitation to come into school if any pupil breaches the rules. This is not a time to be dealing with poor behaviour – we all have to support each other.

Food & Drink

We cannot allow pupils to bring their own food and drink into the academy unless there is a medical reason for doing so. Food and drink will be available at lunch time.


I am sure you will have a lot to think about now. If you still have questions you can use SchoolComms to contact us or email

Finally, a message just for Year 10…

I know how worried you will be about the future and what next year will look like. Everything I put in place is done with the sole intention of securing the best possible outcomes for you in the safest, most productive way we can. Our staff are raring to go; we all want to help you complete some qualifications which will give you a bit of confidence about the future and less to think about in Year 11. Now is the time to do that. I sincerely hope that all of you will come and join us when we re-open.

If you haven’t already confirmed your place, please do so immediately by replying to the text, messaging SchoolComms or emailing

Yours faithfully,

Mr J Higgins