Attendance Matters at Ash Hill!

What do Beats headphones, Nando’s and chocolate crunch all have in common?

Attendance at Ash Hill!

At Ash Hill we have been working hard to promote positive attendance amongst the students to ensure they have the best possible chance to achieve their potential. Continued good attendance is key to students achieving and has been a massive contributing factor in ensuring record-breaking results over the last two years at the academy. We have been running several different initiatives to reward those students who are consistently demonstrating an excellent dedication to their learning. The students' response has been fantastic, and we have seen a continued and substantial rise in the academy’s overall attendance.

Through regular reward assemblies, prize giveaways and focus groups, we are making sure that not only are we recognising the hard work the young people are doing but also allowing them to make the links between their own commitment and the outcomes they achieve. Staff have also been joining in, the leadership team and learning managers were all kitted out in Halloween outfits to reward 100% attenders at the end of October half-term, proving that you are never too old to join in at Ash Hill.

In November, we joined forces with Doncaster Council and Heart Radio to enrol Ash Hill in a region wide attendance competition, that included over 13 other schools in the region. Once again, the students responded fantastically to this competition and there was a real buzz around the academy about attendance; although, the fantastic prizes Heart Radio were offering may have also been a contributing factor to this excitement.

Christmas is offering another avenue to promote student’s attendance, we have run our own internal competition in school, with a selection of amazing prizes for all students who achieve 100% attendance in the last two weeks running up to Christmas. Beats Headphones, Nando’s vouchers and Amazon gift cards are on offer to students who join in for the final push up to Christmas. We are also offering daily prize draws at lunchtimes on the last week of term, to add a little festive merriment around the academy.

Good attendance continues to be an important pillar of a strong academy and over the coming months we will be working even harder to ensure that not only do the students understand this link, but that we also continually rewarding those students who are making positive life choices and choosing to help themselves achieve.