Bus services reminder

A reminder of the update that we received an update regarding bus services from Mr Paul Hopkinson, School Liaison Manager for First South Yorkshire Limited.  

Paul told us: "There will be some changes to allow for social distancing. As we had big numbers using the services 87/87a we have selected some journeys and numbered them 487/487a. These are separate to the public service buses and will be closed to the public. They will carry only school pupils and will be allowed to run at their normal capacity (including standing if necessary). I have also attached the times of the public 87/87a buses for reference. These will be open to students, but will retain their strict capacity limits so we ask that students use the 487 where possible.

I can confirm that the Powells 458 service will operate as normal, although closed to the public in the same manner as the First services."

The timetables for each First South Yorkshire service can be found by clicking here.

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