Change of Academy Telephone Number

8th January 2021 

Dear Parents and Carers, 


Some of you may have experienced issues trying to telephone the Academy recently on our current number: (01302) 840961. 

Profuse apologies if you have experienced difficulties contacting us. 

Despite several attempts by technicians from our supplier to resolve these issues, the problems have persisted. To resolve the situation, we will be moving to a new number from another provider this afternoon. Whilst I understand that this is short notice, I am sure that you will understand that it is a priority that we are able to communicate with our parents and carers, other stakeholders and outside agencies and organisations. 

The new Cisco internet-based phone system will be part of our telecoms system for the new building and whole campus moving forwards and we had planned a switch over at a later date, however, the recurring connection problems have required us to bring this forward. 

From Monday, for a short period of time, there will be a voicemail message by the previous provider with the Academy's new number but for convenience, you might want to make a note of the new number or store it on your phone in readiness.  The old number will become obsolete at some point on Monday when BT engineers switch it off. 

The new number for your records is: (01302) 562541. 

We are updating the number on our website and all written or emailed correspondence.

Apologies again if you have experienced difficulties.

Thank you for your continued, invaluable support.


Yours faithfully  

Graham Moffatt