Ash Hill lockdown competition winners - week 4

Congratulations to our week 4 winners of the Ash Hill Lockdown Competition! 

Every Monday, we will select the top 3 students across the Academy for Hegarty Maths, GCSEPod Science, GCSEPod History, GCSEPod Geography and Language Nut.  These 3 weekly winners, from each subject, will receive tickets for the end of year prize draw.

1st place - 3 tickets

2nd place - 2 tickets

3rd place - 1 ticket

At the end of the year, all tickets will be placed into a draw to win some fantastic prizes.  These include two ipads, two £50 and two £25 Asda vouchers.

Here are this week's winners (number of tickets is shown in the table):

Lewis F103
Bethany R92
Chloe L101 1 
Zak T103 
Adam L 82
Anna Lucia O'S71
Lana H93
Jack N92 
Olivia M71 
Bryan P93 
Maxim S7 2
Holly W10  3
Jack W8 2
Libby C7 1

Week 3 Winners:

Lewis F103    
Maria S102    
Cody S101    
Holly W10    3
Libby C7    2
Hannah B9    1
Lana H9  3  
Abbie P9  2  
Olivia M7  1  
Hannah L7   3 
William W10   2 
Jack W8   1 
Bradley S-N10 3   
Abi S8 2   
Daniel M10 1   

Week 2 Winners:

Lewis F103    
Holly W102   3
Bethany R91    
Hannah B9    2
Ellie H9    1
Olivia M7  3  
Ellie H10  2  
Maxim S7  1  
Luke M9   3 
Isabel T8   2 
Alicia C8   1 
Hannah L7 3   
isabelle R7 2   
Romaney H7 1   

Week 1 Winners:

Mitchell F93    
Sophie R92    
Grace E71    
Alex M8 3   
Bethany R9 2   
Charlie H7 1   
Emily C7  3  
Maxim S7  2  
Bradley S7  1  
George W7   3 
Heidi D8   2 
Ben B8   1 
Mason W10    3
Holly W10    2
Zara M8    1