School Closure

12 March 2021 

Dear Parents and Carers,  


I hope that this email finds you well. I am writing to update you on the progress of the new Academy building which is nearing completion. The Department for Education and the construction company are working towards a completion date of Monday 12 April. During the Easter break, a large-scale operation will take place that will see the removal of all the items that are being transferred to the new building from the large central block which will be demolished soon afterwards.   

The construction firm and a number of other contractors working on the project will need access to the site during the Easter holiday. In order that our staff and site and facilities team can prepare for the removal process, which involves the transfer of resources, equipment and other items from existing buildings to the new one, and to then become familiar with the systems and health and safety aspects of new three storey building when we take ownership of it from the DFE and contractors, we will be having three days of school closure, one before the Easter Break on Friday 26 March and two days following the Easter break, on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 April 2021.  

The school will be closed to students on these days but teaching staff will provide learning assignments through Microsoft Teams. 

I also need to make you aware that a number of kitchen appliances such as bains-marie (which are water filled containers for heating food and keeping it at the right temperature) will be transferred to the new building’s kitchen so only cold food will be available for the last four days of this term.  

Whilst I understand that this may well be an inconvenience for you and your child, I am sure that you will appreciate that the exceptional school closure days, are required in order to have a smooth and safe transition to the new building. This is especially important given that the building that currently houses our kitchens, dining rooms, computer suites, dance studios and performing arts classrooms, engineering workshop, food technology classroom as well as four science classrooms is being demolished soon afterwards as part of the DFE funded project.  

Having toured the new building recently, which is very modern and spacious, I am thrilled that students in our community will benefit from wonderful state of the art classrooms and other first-rate facilities at their disposal for many years to come.  

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for continued support which is greatly appreciated.  

Yours faithfully 

Mr G Moffatt