Staying Safe In The Community

Staying Safe In The Community 

Following reports of events in the local community we would like to share the following safety advice for you to discuss with your children:

1. Don’t approach unknown vehicles or strangers.

2. Avoid walking around wearing headphones - this prevents awareness of noises around you.

3. Always ensure someone knows where the child is going, who with and what time they should arrive.

4. Discuss specifics about routes and transport that will be used.

5. Don’t walk around late at night, alone.

6. Arrive on time to school - attendance is important when determining safety of students. Parents will be alerted via text or call if students are not seen in school. Home visits will also be made.

7. Have regular conversations with your children about any new friends, new contacts on social media and any unknown person who may be asking them personal questions.

8. Advise your children to make a commotion to draw attention and run if they feel they are in an unsafe situation. 

9. Advise children to try and remember any key details if they are in a situation they don’t feel comfortable with, e.g. distinguishing features of a person, colour or make of a car etc.

10. Ensure your children knows key emergency numbers - minimum 999, family contact number.

Further Police support from the local East team can be found at: