STEM buoyancy event at Ash Hill

John Lupton from Marine Society and Sea Cadets, funded through Seafarers UK, has been into Ash Hill Academy today to give our students an insight into the world of marine engineering and the construction of boats.

John talked about how and why certain materials float and why certain materials sink and gave the students a practical understanding of Density, Mass, Buoyancy, Gravity and some of Newton’s Laws, in a clear and concise way that they could understand through visual demonstrations. Every team were then challenged with the task of making a boat that would hold and support the maximum amount of marbles in their vessel. The students were given a piece of card, some aluminium foil and some selotape and were given 50 minutes to make their design which was a maximum size of 200mm x 100mm and then test them to destruction.

The first form group had Jessica Clark and Kate Rowney who managed to make a boat that held 330 marbles, which was an amazing accomplishment. Most students successfully made a boat that held over 100. The second form group through with Anaya Meredith & Lacey Vanstone went through the same process and successfully held in their boat 350 marbles.

To conclude the event John went on to talk about his career as an engineer in the Royal Air Force and the type of work he did throughout his 30 year RAF career and time working for BAE Systems with Q & A . A fantastic event with all the students going away really enjoying the event and learning lots from the day and asking lots of information about how to become involved in the Sea Cadets who fund the event and how to become an engineer. We are really looking forward to welcoming John back later in the year to work with some more Year 7 students.