World Mental Health Day 2020


World Mental Health Day

These are still uncertain times for us with the continuation of the pandemic, this is why we welcome the 10th of October this year as it represents World Mental Health Day. Here at Ash Hill we take the mental wellbeing of students and staff as paramount, but sadly there are still people who are worried, embarrassed or afraid to seek help for their mental wellbeing.

Statistics tell us that;

20% of adolescents may experience a mental health problem in any given year.

50% of mental health problems are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24. 

10% of children and young people (aged 5-16 years) have a clinically diagnosable mental problem, yet 70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age.

Here at Ash Hill we have lots of support to aid us in achieving mental wellness for all; please visit our student welfare hub by clicking here.  You will also find the first CAMHS newsletter in the hub.

Lots of help and support is available from the following organisations:  - 0800 1111 - 01302 736099   - 116 123