The purpose of Post 16 education is to provide students with the knowledge, support and life-skills needed to achieve their post 18 aspirations. The time spent in Post 16 is where students formulate their life-long ambitions and therefore the teaching and learning, personalised support and experiences we offer students is first class and ensures every student, regardless of background, enjoys an exceptional education therefore possessing real life chances by the time they leave Post 16.

The Delta Academies Trust (Delta) is committed to changing students’ lives through increased educational opportunities.

The Doncaster Collegiate Sixth Form is putting this ethos into practice in Doncaster by providing a wider range of courses and pathways for students of all abilities from the area.

Our Centres

Currently the 5 schools that form DC6 are:

Ash Hill Academy

De Warenne Academy

Don Valley Academy

Rossington All Saints Academy

Serlby Park Academy

All have successful and well established Sixth Forms with high quality teaching and excellent specialist provision allied to outstanding personal support for students.


By linking our curriculum provision between the schools, students can now attend any course at any of our partner schools. This extended Sixth Form course offer means that students can follow the pathways best suited to their academic and personal needs, with the added benefit that transport between all of our centres is sourced and supported by the partnership.

Core Entitlement

Our “Core Entitlement” offer to all students accessing their curriculum at DC6 will be another powerful reason for student success. Personal Tutors, Careers Guidance, Enrichment and Sporting Fixtures will all enable students to develop not only their academic abilities, but the personal skills and qualities necessary for success in a 21st century world.

Experience within the Delta Academies Trust has shown that students who choose a more personalised course, supported by experienced staff make better progress and move forward to more certain career pathways.

Working together in this innovative way will enable our students to benefit from the many positives which each centre already offers, but will also create additional opportunities for every DC6 student.

Mr J McMahon

Director, Doncaster Collegiate Sixth Form 

Since the Raising of the participation age came into effect in 2013, all students are required to continue their studies until their 18th birthday.  This can include Sixth Form, Further Education College, Apprenticeships or Traineeships. Students will be supported in their decision making through our Careers Programme detailed below. 

As a student in a Delta Academy, we would love for you to continue your studies at your nearest Delta Sixth Form Centre. Our Sixth Forms offer a range of Academic, Applied and Technical Programmes of Study and offer a mature, supported and bespoke programme tailored to your individual needs. For more information about your nearest Sixth Form Centre, please click here

16-19 Bursary

Details of the 16-19 Bursary policy and eligibility criteria can be found here.