Under pinning every subject area in the academy is a series of values and tools designed to support and promote a common theme of learning:

Careers – we appreciate that Ash Hill is one chapter in our students life’s and are passionate for them to know the real world of education/ work beyond the academy gates. Click here for further details.

Parents – we collaborate with parent/ carers, we are effective in meeting the needs of all our students. Click here for further details.

Extended learning – we appreciate that learning extends beyond the class room and are keen to work with parents to promote a love of learning beyond the school gates. Click here for further details.

STEM – we are constantly looking at different approaches to engage with our students and their parents. Over the past 3 years we have organised STEM activity days to support the wider curriculum as well as hosting STEM family evenings. Click here for further details.

Alumni – we promote our alumni as an example of what can be achieved by all regardless of prior learning.  Click here for further details. 

Student Voice – we welcome the input of all our students and have multiple avenues for communication and feedback. Click here for further details.

EBACC - We are committed to improving the educational outcomes for all the students as this will improve their life chances. Click here for further details.

Home Learning - At Ash Hill Academy we view homework as a learning entitlement. Click here for further details.

Teaching & Learning - At AHA we are committed to giving you the very best education we possibly can, it is your entitlement! Click here for further details


Literacy & Numeracy – we are acutely aware that a significant number of our students enter the academy with below age expected literacy and/ or numeracy ages. We are driven to correct this deficit as quickly as possible! Click here for further details.

Inclusion – we value every student in our academy is valued and encouraged to achieve their potential. The academy holds the prestigious IQM award and is working towards National Centre of Excellence status. Click here for further details.

Emotional Well Being & Personal Health – we understand the pressures that our students face on a daily basis and offer support through our dedicated team. Click here for further details.

Vision and Values – students come first, not second or third… but first! (see Academy values, ethos and Vision)  Click here for further details.


British Values – throughout the academy this key area underpins our vision and value. Click here for further details.


Choice – we appreciate the need for students to take ownership of their own education and have created an options system which caters for their individual needs while maintaining the crucial building blocks essential for later life.  Click here for further details.


Praise – we value every students contribution to academy life, rewarding effort, results and attitudes whenever we see them. Click here for further details.

Support – we understand that at times students and staff might need support, at AHA we promote various support opportunities for students and staff to receive the support they need. Click here for further details.

Stakeholder input

At AHA we value the input of all our stakeholders, this is why we actively seek the views of students, parents and staff. Click here for the latest results of our student, staff and parent surveys. This work feeds directly into our ‘You said, we did’ campaign and supports our work with Learning Parent Partnership Award, IQM – National Centre of Excellence and Investors in People.


Exam preparation - Students at AHA are being prepared for their exams, click here for some revision tips and other useful information to guarantee success.

​​​​​If you require copies of information about our curriculum, or would like further information, please contact Mr Cairns on 01302 840961.