Supervision for Eligible Students at School – Critical Workers

Dear Parents/Carers  

It is important that we support the Government in reducing contact between groups of children and adults and wherever possible have the minimum number of children and staff in any place at any one time.   However, we also recognise our role in supporting the country to continue to function.  Healthcare professionals, those identified as critical workers and vulnerable groups of children will need our support.   

If you or your partner are identified as critical workers, then Ash Hill Academy is offering supervision to you and your family whilst the Government are staggering the return of students due to increased rates of infection regionally and nationally. Please support our staff in meeting the needs of students’ online learning by only using these facilities if you are unable to make any other arrangements. For instance, you may be a critical worker but do not need to send your child into school with other children and staff, because you are able to make other arrangements e.g. your partner is able to work from home.    

Further information from the Government can be found by clicking here.

If your child will be attending the Academy from 5th January, please complete the form below and return to us on Monday 4th January, or before 8:15am on Tuesday 5th January (copies of this form are available in the Academy’s main reception):

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