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Welcome to Year 5 and Year 6 Parents, Carers and Students to Ash Hill Academy. We want all students to feel as excited about their arrival to the Academy as much as we do and this page is designed to give you an overview of the different aspects of transition so you are able to become more familiar with how this works at Ash Hill. We understand how important transition is for our students and the effectiveness of this can determine how well students succeed during their time in the Academy in upcoming years. Therefore our transition programme is often reviewed and amended, working closely with our Primary Headteachers and key staff to improve the design of the transition process, ensuring it is most effective and beneficial for all students.

At Ash Hill Academy, we are extremely proud of the progress that we have made and are keen to share this with Parents, Carers and Students. Please feel welcome to visit the Academy, individual appointments can be arranged through contacting the Academy directly however we also hold an Open Evening at the start of each Academic year whereby Parents, Carers and Students can engage in a variety of exciting activities, meeting subject staff, pastoral staff and the Senior Leadership Team, including the Principal.


Transition Overview

The transition process is a journey that starts right at the end of Year 5, through until their very first day in the Academy in September in Year 7 and beyond. This includes an invitation evening into the Academy in October during Year 7, during which parents have the opportunity to speak with key staff. This includes the Year 7 Learning Manager and members of the Senior Leadership Team, with opportunities to discuss key information during a group discussion, eradicating any misconceptions and getting clarity on any issues, however one to one meetings are also available through appointment.

In the first half term of Year 6, students will have a visit from a member of staff such as the Senior Leader who coordinates Transition or the Year 7 Learning Manager. Parents, Carers and Students can also attend the Open Evening and in addition to the subject activities, there is also an additional competition each year which includes opportunities for Students to win prizes. Winning students will also have a follow up visit to their Primary School.

As an Academy, we also work closely with Engaging Education to deliver exciting transition workshops to the students, developing their knowledge and understanding of Ash Hill but also helping to guide students into the start of Transition, the aim being to support students and alleviate any anxieties or concerns about transitioning to Ash Hill Academy. This includes students looking at prospective careers to develop understanding of the importance of education but also encourages student’s creative skills during the Ash Hill Academy Transition Superhero workshop, as seen in the images.

Students requiring additional transition will have a bespoke package, agreed between Ash Hill, the Primary School and Parents and Carers. This may also involve the SENDCo, extra visits to the Primary school by Ash Hill staff but also an increased amount of visits to Ash Hill Academy for the student. This could also include time in our Key Stage 3 support Centre, The Bridge, whereby the student will participate in an tailor made programme, designed to best support the student through the Transition process.


What are the benefits of Transition?

If done effectively, transition between Primary and Secondary school can have many benefits for students. This includes:

  • Development of friendships
  • Anxieties and worries reduced
  • Effective relationships between students and key staff
  • Early identification of students requiring additional support
  • Students have opportunities to ask questions, to both staff and current students
  • Students gain a better understanding of how Secondary school is different to Primary
  • Students have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of exciting and stimulating lessons
  • Parents and Carers have the opportunity to meet with key staff and share vital information, as well as asking their own questions


Key Transition Dates

Currently, Doncaster Local Authority are working closely with Primary and Secondary Colleagues to determine how and when all schools will transition students across the borough. As soon as we receive an update this information will be published.


During transition taster days, all students will be required to wear their usual Primary School uniform. However, during one of the transition days all students will be measured as part of the transition process includes a free Delta uniform bundle. This includes:

  • Trousers or Skirt
  • Long sleeve shirt x2
  • Blazer
  • Tie
  • PE Shorts
  • Long Sleeve PE Top
  • Short Sleeve PE Top


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