Visions and Values


‘Changing lives’

Mission Statement

To improve educational outcomes for communities which Ash Hill Academy serves in Doncaster.


  1. To a ensure a school Wide Ethos where each pupil is viewed as an individual;
  2. To ensure clear, responsive leadership so that staff are focused in their actions in driving students’ attainment.
  3. To ensure a systems and Policies are understood, creating a strong link between good behaviour and good attainment.
  4. To ensure there is a genuine push to drive the importance of ‘quality teaching first’.
  5. To ensure that staff focus on providing targeted support for all students with a focus on under-performing pupils.
  6. To ensure that monitoring and intervention strategies are used to improve attainment for all students
  7. To ensure that strategic professional development is coupled to a Praise Culture for staff and students.

Core Values

We will:

  1. Place students at the heart of everything we do
  2. Place collaboration before competition, working with others for the betterment of all
  3. Develop and support professionals in our own and other academies and schools to establish practice that improves lives
  4. Ensure that all children make good progress irrespective of their starting point and those young people facing disadvantage are lifted from educational poverty
  5. Never do anything to the detriment of learners, staff, or other stakeholders, in a neighbouring community
  6. Promote environmental awareness and protection locally, nationally and globally