You Said- We Did!

"You Said - We Did!"

At Ash Hill Academy, we are always looking for ways to further improve our practice.  We really value the feedback that we receive from students, parents and carers and we would like to share with you some ways that this feedback has enabled us to improve what we do.

Parents and Carers

You Said

We Did

Whole school parents' evenings are not effective.Implemented more focussed parents' evenings, with fewer year groups involved in each one.
Would like to know how Year 7 students are settling in and have the opportunity to give feedback.Implemented "Pie and Peas" Year 7 parents and carers consultation evenings in the first half term.
Want to know more about what happens in Year 11 and how we can support our childrenImplemented Year 11 Information Evenings to provide parents and carers with comprehensive information about the Year 11 journey, including  revision and study tips.
Want to get more involved in school activities.Increased amount of opportunities for alumni, parents and carers to come into school to work with students.
Would like more information about what our children study in their subjects.Overhaul of the curriculum area of the website to include information about each subject area.
Would like more information about homework.Subcriptions to Hegarty Maths and GCSEPod online homework systems which enable parents to work with students at home and receive subject-specific support when needed.
It would be nice to have more of an influence on how the school runs.Parent Partnership Group is now established and a regular cycle of meetings has been scheduled.
We would like more information about SEND.Improved information provided on the support that we provide for SEND students, as well as advice and guidance for parents.


We want more say in what happens in school

Expansion of School Council and inclusion of sub-committees

Election of President and Vice-President

We want more prizes and rewardsPrizes given for attendance, homework.  "Above and Beyond" stickers introduced
We want to go on more tripsIncreased number of careers-related trips
We want to learn about more jobsCareers Cafes, Aspiration Evening, Careers Days all involve people from different types of jobs coming in to work with and talk to students
I'd like to get more involved in careers daysCareers Ambassadors to be recruited
We'd like more of a choice of food in the Year 7 induction eveningsMenu extended.
We would like more art knowledge organisersA wide range of knowledge organisers are available on the website
We want more clubsEnrichment programme has been expanded